Our 2024 charity - The Teesside Charity

(Registered Charity No. 1140740)

Teesside Charity is a registered charity, set up by Teessiders for Teessiders. We have donated over £5 million over the past 11 years to charities, community groups, sports clubs and schools across Teesside. Since January we have issued 50 grants, totalling £65k! Including £8k to the 4 local Hospices and £10,500 to Vision 25 to create a multi-use sensory room who support young people who are living with a disability. We are continuing to see a very high demand from struggling families, since January we have issued:£25k worth of shopping vouchers and £9k worth of fuel vouchers supporting hundreds of families and have spent £6500 on white goods, £4000 on beds & £8000 on uniforms And this year we will send over 100 families on holiday to one of our caravans at Reighton Sands.

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