2016 Cycle Ride Youtube

Apologies there will be a delay in producing this year's Youtube as I am on holiday for a week from May 10th.

In the meantime you can pass your time reading an excellent book (by me LOL) about my bike ride from Budapest to Home last year - just 1450 miles. The book is to be reviewed in the Cycling UK magazine.

Two Grandads & an Alien cycle from Hungary to Home
Three over-sixty year old men cycle over 1450 miles from Budapest to England, through Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands, and past Lake Balaton, Lake Worthersee and Lake Constance.

The perfect book to buy for a man who likes a challenge - an amusing and stimulating tale of three over-60 year old men cycling across Europe, over the Alps, and more than 60 miles in 38 DegC of heat. Several times we were told that we gave hope to young people for their later life. The book includes the experiences on the ride, descriptions of the places visited and the team comradeship. It includes plenty of dialogue which enhances your reading experience.

Available only on Amazon Kindle - an App for All tablets & PC’s Read first week Click on book below to buy


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